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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Street Corner Campaign Stop

A campaign stop on a street corner is a politician's opportunity to connect with voters by speaking directly to them. When you draw a crowd, people walking by tend to stop to see what is happening. It is also an opportunity to produce images for campaign material, so the backdrop can make a difference in choosing the right corner.

In the Norwood neighborhood in The Bronx, one street corner stands out after a couple campaign stops:

The mural creates a distinctive, identifiable place, while its bright colors lend positive energy to the scene. The wall without building entrances, combined with a relatively wide sidewalk, make it function well for drawing in a crowd to listen without blocking anyone.
This was not always such a nice part of the neighborhood. A couple years ago, it was just a blank wall on a dirty corner. It was the persistent organizing by neighborhood activist Elisabeth von Uhl and the artistic talent of Laura Alvarez that brought life to this residual space and created a place where the community can engage in active civic life.

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