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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Invasion of the Christmas Trees

Soon after Christmas every year, New York City is invaded by trees. It's no killer Christmas tree attack, but the discarded trees start to take over the city's public spaces.
Observing the places where trees end up can be instructive. It can expose differences in community attitudes toward public space, demonstrate which places and activities are sacrificed first, and expose other interesting relationships.

Discarded trees often fill in spaces along the curb between street furniture, maintaining an effective sidewalk width for pedestrians
Sometimes trees pile up in the curb lane, reducing some of the available on-street parking

Finding out-of-the-way crevices, trees end up tucked under sidewalk sheds

This is a different take on the term "tree pit"
Wide sidewalks can grow large piles of trees

The space that should remain clear around fire hydrants can end up filled with discarded trees

Streets closed to traffic with security restrictions can also grow mounds of trees in the unused roadway

Some narrow with little traffic suggest their potential as shared streets when the trees take over their narrow sidewalks

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